sociohistorical project
You care about the destiny of the LGBT+ community in your country? You are interested in LGBT+ history? You want to change the situation for the better?

Then you'll definitely be interested in our sociohistorical project, "Voices of the World", realized by to LGBT+ organizations from Russia and Germany. We are looking for participants!
We are addressing all the active and creative young people from 18 to 25 years old. Gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and other social labels don't matter - all you need is to be ready to make a stand for the ideas of diversity and social equality!
The main idea of the project is to create a retrospective analysis of LGBT+ history in the social context of two countries - Russia and Germany - as to uncover sociocultural mechanisms of society transformation. The participants, 30 active citizens of Russia and Germany, will meet once nationally and twice internationally - in Moscow and Berlin. During these meetings participants will be able to exchange experiences of living in their countries, establish valuable contacts, learn about the contemporary history of two countries, acquire the skill of biographical interviewing, find out more about the milestones of LGBT+ history, and will also have the opportunity to meet eyewitnesses of those major events personally.
As a result of the project we will have a digital base of biographical interviews with real people that have faced discrimination by the state or by the society during the period from the middle of the 20th century till today. This base will be the ultimate expression of real people's experience that can help recreate the sociocultural context of the LGBT+ movement's history development in two countries for its further analysis.

How to become a participant? Simple: fill out the registration form in English* from October 1st till November 10th to take part in a competition, and then wait for an invitation letter by email.
The final decision will be made by the organizers of the project till November 15th.

* To avoid problems with communication the language of our international project is English, That's why we'd like each participant to be able to communicate in English.