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Voices of the world
"Voices of the World" is a youth research project shaped as a comparative study of key points in the history of the fight of LGBT+ people for their rights in the context of two countries - Russia and Germany. This project sets a goal to bring out sociocultural mechanisms of society transformation aimed at achieving social equality and protecting human rights.
Realizing this project will be a result of the cooperation of two LGBT+ organizations in Russia and Germany
On the Russian side the organization taking part in the project will be the "Russian LGBT Sport Federation". The goal of the organization is to promote ideas of legal equality and diversity in sports and life by creating a sports LGBT+ community that can unify people with ideas of healthy lifestyle, mutual support, self actualization in sports and in creative ways. The German partner in this project is the human rights advocacy LGBT organization "Quarteera". Their main work is aimed at helping Russian speaking Germans - immigrants from Russia and CIS - in different ways.
General history
The historical context of the development of Russian and German societies has a lot of common traits.
Both countries have gone through the Second World War with great losses, survived periods of attempts at the socialist regime and went back to capitalism. All of this cannot but be reflected in society's cultural values and ideas about human rights.

However, the current sociopolitical situation in these countries is drastically different. These dissimilarities seem especially contrasted through the prism of rights and freedoms of social minorities, including LGBT+ people.

The German society of today, the way we see it, has a higher level of acceptance of social, cultural and religious minorities compared to the Russian society.

To get to the bottom of these differences the participants of the project will have the opportunity to talk to the witnesses of the key events in the history of the LGBT+ movement in both countries and recreate the sociocultural context of that that time.
The project will gather 30 active participants from Russia and Germany who will be ready to make a stand for sociopolitical change
Our main research method will be gathering autobiographical interviews and organizing a unified digital base of real life stories that can enclasp the development period of the LGBT+ community from the middle of the 20th century till the present day.

Our youth project will gather 30 active participants from Russia and Germany who support ideas of social equality and justice. They will study out the history of the LGBT+ movement in these countries, embrace the values and cultural traits of each of them.
Participants will take part in 3 group events in Russia and Germany.
By November 15th the organizers will make their final decision about the participant list. All the participants will take part in 3 group events: one national meeting in their country, and two international meetings in Moscow and Berlin, that will take place in February and July 2019 respectively. These meetings will provide lots of cultural and sport events aimed at self-development and self-actualization through team building sport activities, creative work and cultural education.

The goal of the national meeting that will occur before the first international meeting is to create a solid team. Participants will share training programmes, cultural and team building sports activities. Apart from that, during the meeting participants will learn interviewing and active listening techniques that they will use in the project and outside of it.

International meetings in Russia and Germany will be aimed at studying the history and culture of these countries as well as getting acquainted with the milestones of the LGBTQ+ movement in Russian and German history. The programme of the meetings will contain tours, active communication and exchanging cultural experience as well as sport events as a way of self expression and uniting the participants around a common goal.

The time between the meetings will also be full of active communication between the participants. This time, from February to July 2020, will allow to gather personal stories of people who have faced discrimination from the state or the society in different time periods. The interviews will serve as a material for further inspection and become a foundation of the final digital base, a quintessence of actual human experience that will help recreate the sociocultural context of LGBTQ+ movement's development in two countries for its further comparative analysis aimed at identifying mechanisms of humanization and liberalization of society.

We believe that this project will create all the necessary conditions for building not only an international dialogue but also a dialogue between generations, that is essential for a fuller understanding the course of history, a productive cooperation in achieving social equality and solid international friendships. We also hope that the participants will be able to unleash their potential as future human rights activists and creators of social projects that would be directed towards transforming society and supporting the discriminated layers of the population.

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